How to Write a Scientific Paper - Workshop by Prof. Dr. Jari Saramäki

Feb 16
16. Februar 2022 10:00 Uhr bis 12:00 Uhr

How to Write a Scientific Paper
Prof. Dr. Jari Saramäki
Dep. of Computer Science, Aalto University, Finland

“Scientific writing is hard. In particular, if you are a Ph.D. student, you probably personally know what the fear of the blank page means. Writing can feel overwhelming. But a systematic approach helps — the key is to have a plan and to think about what to write before trying to write it!
I’ll go through a step-by-step, top-down approach that makes it easier to turn your results into research papers. I’ll focus on the process of writing instead of technicalities, breaking this process into manageable chunks that can be dealt with one at a time. How to choose the key point of your paper? How to write its abstract, sentence by sentence? How to outline the paper? How to turn the outline into a first draft and then into a finished manuscript? What to do if you get stuck?“ And finally, how to deal with critical reviews?“