Mini lecture: Introduction to Continuum Mechanics (ICOME)

Apr 17
17. April 2019
LTM, Room 00.044, Egerlandstraße 5, Erlangen

Beginning: 9 am

Introduction to Continuum Mechanics (ICOME)
Classification: Modelling approaches (B), continuum approaches
Lecturer: Paul Steinmann
Language: English

* Placement, configurations, motion, deformation map
* Deformation gradient, strain measures, polar and spectral decomposition
* Stress measures, balance equations
* Velocity, velocity gradient, rates of stress and strain
* Variation, weak form, linearization
* Exploitation of dissipation inequality, constitutive models

The students

* are familiar with the Lagrangian and Eulerian description of motion
* are familiar with the concept and analysis of strain
* are familiar with the concept and analysis of stress
* are familiar with various rates of stress and strain
* know how to formulate and linearize the weak form
* know how to model elementary constitutive behaviour