Mini lecture: Introduction to Elastoplastic Fracture Mechanics

Jul 24
24. Juli 2020 9:00 Uhr bis 15:00 Uhr

Introduction to Elastoplastic Fracture Mechanics (IPLAS)
Classification: Modelling approaches (B), continuum approaches
Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Ralf Denzer, Lund University/LTH; Division of Solid Mechanics; Lund, Sweden
Language: English

* linear elastic fracture mechanics
* special crack tip elements
* energy release rate and J-integral
* numerical computation of configurational forces/J-integral
* nonlinear fracture mechanics
* Dugdale model
* Barenblatt’s cohesive zone model
* HRR-field
* Irwin’s crack length correction
* crack resistance curves and stable crack growth
* configurational forces/J-integral in the case of elastoplasticity and thermoplasticity and their numerical computation