Mini lecture: Introduction to Homogenisation

Sep 27
27. September 2019
ZISC, Room 0.02-142, Martensstr. 5a, Erlangen

Beginning: 9 am

Introduction to Homogenisation (IHOMO)
Classification: Modelling approaches (B), multiscale approaches
Lecturer: Julia Mergheim
Language: English

* Basics of linear elasticity, anisotropy
* Scale transition
* Representative Volume Element
* Effective properties
* Hill-Mandel condition
* Eshelby solution
* Mori-Tanaka, self-consistent scheme
* Bounds

The students

* are familiar with the basic assumptions of homogenisation methods
* know the Hill-Mandel condition, the properties of a Representative Volume Element
* know various analytical homogenisation methods
* can derive approximations of effective properties for simple linear elastic microstructures
* can derive bounds for the effective properties
* know the limits of the analytical homogenisation methods