Mini lecture: Introduction to Mesoscopic Modelling (IMEMO) - P. Moretti

Nov 25
25. November 2022 9:00 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr
CSC, Room 0.02-142, Martensstr. 5a, Erlangen

Introduction to Mesoscopic Modelling (IMEMO)
Classification: Modelling approaches (B), continuum approaches
Lecturer: Paolo Moretti
Language: English

* Basic concepts of mesoscopic modelling and coarse-graining
* From the micro- to the mesoscale: Construction of mesoscale models
* Basic concepts of mesoscopic modelling in fracture
* Failure criteria at the mesoscopic scale
* Cellular automata
* Kinetic Monte Carlo method
* Heterogeneous contact patterns and network models

The students

* understand the advantages offered by mesoscopic modelling
* learn its scope and limitations as opposed to atomistic modelling
* can use atomistic simulation results for construction and parametrization of mesoscopic models
* can name simple examples of fracture problems that can be modelled at the mesoscale
* can identify time and length scales that can be dealt with using mesoscopic models
* get an overview of simple simulation protocols of relevance at the mesoscale