Mini lecture: Introduction to the Finite Element Method (IFEM) (Sebastian Pfaller)

Jun 03
3. Juni 2022 9:00 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr
CSC, Room 0.02-142, Martensstr. 5a, Erlangen

Introduction to the Finite Element Method (IFEM)
Classification: Computational methods (C), continuum approaches
Lecturer: Sebastian Pfaller
Language: English

* Basic concept of the Finite Element Method
* Weak form
* Discretisation and shape functions
* Quadrature rules
* Finite elements in two- and three-dimensional elasticity

The students

* are familiar with the basic concept of the finite element method
* are able to model linear problems in elasticity
* are familiar with the isoparametric concept
* know different methods for numerical integration
* know how to discretize and solve problems in continuum mechanics
* can derive weak and discrete representations of boundary value problems