TOPZ: Christian Wick, Project P12 of GRK 2423 FRASCAL

Jan 14
14. Januar 2022 14:00 Uhr bis 15:00 Uhr

TOPZ: Topical Overview Presentation Zoomposium:

Every Friday 1 doctoral researcher of FRASCAL reports on the current state of her/his research for a maximum of 5 minutes each (corresponds to 2-3 slides) followed by extensive and stimulating discussions.

On the one hand, this is intended to help to troubleshoot, and on the other hand, overlaps can be identified and lessons learned from the experience of others. This is where the great advantage of a doctorate in a research training group comes into play: The interdisciplinary networking offers an incredibly large and diverse wealth of knowledge and experience from which the researchers working on each individual FRASCAL project can and, above all, should benefit.