Workshop: Attracting successfully research funding! The road from the idea to getting funded! (Dr. Wilma Simoleit, Bonn)

Feb 08
8. Februar 2021 9:00 Uhr bis 9. Februar 2021 17:00 Uhr

Attracting successfully research funding!

The road from the idea to getting funded!

To attract funding for the own position or the realization of project ideas is a major basis for success in science. How can I finance my ideas and myself in science by extramural funding? How do I find the right funding program for project support or for a fellowship inland or abroad? How do I write a success promising proposal?

In this online workshop the participants gain insight into the principles of research funding, the structure of proposals and the procedures of proposal submission and evaluation. They get guidelines to find the right funding agency and funding program to finance a scientific project or to attract a fellowship. The participants train to write a convincing proposal. They can choose a fictional topic, a previous publication, their dissertation or a topic they want to work on in the future. Major focus will be the title of a proposal, a strong summary and the development of an adequate budget. Optional, participants, who are currently writing a proposal can use their summary for analysis and further development. The participants also get to know unwritten rules they should keep in mind, when applying for research funds.

Major subjects of the workshop are

* Basic principles of the funding system
* Funding institutions and programs
* Writing a success promising proposal
* Submission and evaluation procedures


Dr. Wilma Simoleit is consultant for research funding & career development in science. In her professional experience Dr. Simoleit combines different perspectives of the research and the extramural funding system. As a scientist she worked for several years in Germany and the USA. She published numerous scientific publications and attracted successfully extramural funds. From research she changed to research management and into the research funding system. She gained longtime experience in the support of national and international research at the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and the Deutsche Krebshilfe. She is editor of several publications on the topics research funding, research management and technology transfer.