Maxime Vassaux’ visit to Erlangen

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From October 2 to 7, 2023, Dr. Maxime Vassaux from France visited the Capriccio group. Maxime is a CNRS Researcher at the Institute of Physics in Rennes and is planning to use the Capriccio method for multiscale FE-MD simulations of silica glass. During the week of his visit, we were able to take the first steps in this direction and have already obtained some very promising results.

On October 6, Maxime gave a special seminar in the research training group FRASCAL ( on “Probing mechanical properties with chemical specificity using molecular and multiscale simulation”. Not only after the seminar, but also during the whole week, many exciting discussions with colleagues from FRASCAL and from the Institute of Applied Mechanics took place. Apart from the scientific program, we still found some time for joint activities: For example, on October 3, which is a public holiday in Germany, Felix and Maxime biked to Nuremberg and met up with Sebastian, who gave a guided tour of the premises of the Fränkische Museums-Eisenbahn e.V. Nürnberg and after this of the city center of Nuremberg. Another highlight was a joint lunch with the PULS group ( on October 5. In conclusion, the week was a complete success and we are very much looking forward to the upcoming joint activities with Maxime.