Workshops & Seminars for Gender Equality at FRASCAL

Workshops organized by F3G with participation of FRASCAL members:

The F3G network (Research Associations of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg for the promotion of equality) offers lectures and seminars on the topics of women’s advancement, gender sensitization, etc., in addition to a variety of other gender equality measures, in which members of the affiliated research associations can participate. Thus, some FRASCAL members have also taken advantage of these training measures and participated in the following workshops:

01 Navigating Social Media Dr. Karin Bodewits 16. – 20.01.2023
02 Thesis Defense Training Alexander Roggenkamp 16. – 17.02.2023
03 Supervisory Work & Leadership Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi 06. – 07.03.2023
Writing Grant Proposals in
Prof. Dr. Annette Kolb 23. – 24.03.2023
05 Presenting Data Dr. Juliane Handschuh 25. – 26.04.2023
06 Gender Competence – and why it
matters in a researcher’s life and
Dr. Sabine Blackmore 23.05.2023
07 Working effectively and efficiently – Time and Project Management for Researchers Dr. Daniel Friedrich 28. – 29.06.2023
08 The Essentials of Scientific Writing  Deborah Bennett, Ph.D. 05. – 06.10.2023
09 Gender and Diversity in Academic
Melanie Bittner 30.11..2023
01 Self-presentation and networking Dr. Karin Bodewits (München) 24. – 27.01.2022
02 Thesis Defense Training Dr. Malte Engel (Schönwalde) 17. – 18.02.2022
03 Good Scientific Practice Dr. Anne Hamker (Leipzig) 25.03.2022
Understanding Gender Dr. Susanne Frölich-Steffen (Zorneding)
01 PhD, and next? Career options, skills and orientation for scientists & individual coaching   Dr. Karin Bodewits & Dr. Philipp Gramlich (München) 26. – 29.01.2021
02 Small Talk? It’s nice to be connected! Deborah Ruggieri (Berlin) 10.03.2021
01 Potential Analysis – Figuring Out Your Skills and Values   Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi (Mainz) 24.01.2020
02 Self-Presentation  Julia Baumeister (Berlin) 18.05.2020
04 Career Paths and Academic Job Applications  Dr. Dunja Mohr (Erfurt) 01.10.2020
03 Time Management  Peter Kronenberg (Bonn) 29.05.2020
05 Conflict Management: Constructively Dealing With Conflict Dr. Isabel Werle (Mainz) 29.10. 2020 und 30.10. 2020
06 Publishing in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine  Petra Heermann, Stephanie Kolbe, Dr. Jürgen Rohr-wild, Dr. Katrin Seyler (all Erlangen) 23.10.2020 und 26.10.2020
01 My Project Management Skills  Dr. Silke Oehrlein-Karpi (Mainz) 22.11.2019


Workshops and seminars organised by FRASCAL in cooperation with the FAU Graduate Centre:

01 Unconscious Bias in Academia: How our brain tricks us Dr. Iris Wangermann 14.04.2023
01 My Career in Academia: Conditions and Perspectives – Professional career, family building, and combining both Dr. Stefanie Herberger (Erlangen) 04.12.2020
01 Gender Equality in Research Dr. Silke Schnurbusch (Erlangen) 19.07 2019


Pilot seminar series “Gender Equality in Research”:

In cooperation with the Office for Gender and Diversity at FAU and with the support of FAU´s  ARIADNE mentoring team, a completely new and comprehensive concept for a modular pilot seminar series „Gender Equality in Research“ was developed exclusively for GRK 2423 FRASCAL, initially with the three full-day seminars. Two trainers were recruited who are very renowned in this field throughout Germany and have excellent references. The individual modules were thematically linked, but did not build on each other and could therefore be attended individually and specifically according to interest.

01 Understanding Gender Dr. Susanne Frölich-Steffen (Zorneding)
02 Gender Competence Training Dr. Sabine Blackmore (Berlin)
03 Gender in Teaching and Learning Dr. Susanne Frölich-Steffen (Zorneding)

Understanding Gender

This workshop provided a brief introduction to how gender plays a role in everyday life at the university. Gender stereotypes and sexism were discussed, as well as how gender affects us and our academic careers The workshop gave participants the opportunity to both reflect on the stereotypes that influence their own academic development and discuss how to deconstruct gender stereotypes to contribute to more gender equality in academia.

Gender Competence Training

In this workshop, participants were introduced to „gender competence“ in their research and teaching areas. The term „gender competence“ and its different aspects (e.g. subcompetences) were outlined, contextualized and underpinned by the legal framework. Participants learned about tools for gender competent action and applied them to a practical case, e.g. planning a conference or a summer school.

Gender in Teaching and Learning

Gender and power relations are intrinsic to all social institutions, and this is particularly relevant for academic institutions. Gender constructions and relations begin at home, but stereotypes are also reinforced through teachers’ behaviour, social interactions at university and the curriculum there. This workshop aimed to expand the gender perspective and skills of teachers at university. The methodology was participatory and included discussions, brainstorming and group work. It is intended to increase gender responsiveness and sensitivity to teachers.