Mini lecture: Introduction to Numerics

Oct 01
1. October 2019
LTM, Room 00.044, Egerlandstr. 5, Erlangen

Beginning: 9 am

Introduction to Numerics (INUMS)
Classification: Mathematical skills (A), general background
Lecturer: Holger Lang
Language: English

* Linear systems of equations, minimisation of potential energy, linear dynamical systems, dynamics in frequency domain
* Eigenvalue problems, modal analysis, decoupling of linear dynamical systems, modal reduction
* Nonlinear systems of equations, incremental elastostatics, minimisation of potential energy
* Automatic differentiation, tool for model generation, linearization of nonlinear mechanical systems

The students

* know standard numerical schemes in mechanics
* understand which numerical method is appropriate for the solution of a given mechanical problem
* are able to analyse mathematical-mechanical interrelationships in numerics
* are able to validate the successful operations of a numerical method
* are able to analyse, which errors occur due to mathematical modelling, a numerical method or implementation errors