8th GAMM workshop on phase-field modeling at ETH Zürich

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At the eighth edition of the GAMM workshop on phase-field modeling at the ETH Zürich Deepak Jadhav and Maurice Rohracker participated and gave a talk about their research within FRASCAL. In this two-day workshop, different researchers from several disciplines met together in the Alumni Pavilion at ETH to talk about their recent insights of their research with a focus on theoretical and application-related aspects of the phase-field approach to study physical phenomena such as fracture. Further, also other physical phenomena, such as diffusion, thermal conduction, ferro- and piezo-electric effects, phase transformation and separation processes, biomechanics, fluid mechanics, as well as coupled problems involving multiple processes, have been presented. On top of everything, also, the development of novel, efficient numerical algorithms has been discussed along with innovative approaches based on data-driven and/or machine-learning methods. Deepak Jadhav showed his investigations of different forms of fracture using a spatially adaptive phase-field model, and Maurice Rohracker presented a comparison of different adaptive spatial refinement strategies in phase-field fracture simulations of brittle materials. One highlight of the event was the dinner in the Dozentenfoyer on top of the main building of ETH Zürich with a very nice view over the city. A special thanks to the organizers of this event and FRASCAL for the assumption of all travel costs.