Annual Report 2022

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2022 marks a special year for FRASCAL: in January, the second cohort of doctoral researchers
started with full steam, and already the first FRASCAL retreat in spring showed that the temporal
overlap with the first cohort led to extraordinarily positive synergies. From the summer onwards, the
preparation of the renewal application for the second funding phase of FRASCAL was on the
agenda; the doctoral researchers contributed with great enthusiasm so that the application and re-
port could be submitted to the DFG on time in the autumn. The winter was then all about preparing
for the upcoming on-site visit and was richly filled with numerous activities by the entire FRASCAL
team. In parallel, many doctoral researchers from the first cohort submitted their dissertations, some
of which have already been defended. FRASCAL was also able to edit a special issue of the inter-
national peer-reviewed Elsevier journal „Forces in Mechanics“ with numerous manuscripts, which
provide a great overview of the fantastic scientific work on „Fracture across Scales“. Looking back,
2022 is a year full of activities and successes for FRASCAL!

Erlangen, December 2022

Paul Steinmann


The Annual Report 2022 of GRK2423 FRASCAL can be downloaded here.