We are delighted to announce that Wuyang Zhao successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Multiscale modeling of the fracture behavior of glassy polymers across the atomistic and continuum scale” on August 29, 2023. In his thesis, he revisits the basics of continuum mechanics, atomistic simula...

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We are delighted to announce the graduation of Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Ries. In his thesis “Characterization and modeling of polymer nanocomposites across the scales,” Maximilian introduces a methodology to derive continuum mechanical models for polymer nanocomposites (PNCs) based on molecular dynamics...

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On 15 March 2023, the 2nd FRASCAL Symposium was held at the venerable Orangerie of Erlangen. The symposium aimed to provide a platform for the FRASCAL principal advisors and prospective future Mercator fellows to share their insights on the fracture problem from a higher-level perspective.

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