Announcement: 2nd FRASCAL Virtual Colloquium

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Over the coming months, GRK 2423 FRASCAL will host its 2nd Virtual Colloquium. This aims to provide a platform to discuss recent advances in the computational modeling of fracture at various length and time scales.

The event is planned as a series of 7 guest talks over the course of this semester; delivered by experts from diverse fields, including mechanics, materials science, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The FRASCAL Virtual Colloquium is an excellent opportunity for researchers to share and discuss their work on fracture in heterogeneous materials, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange during cold winter days.

The seminars will take place via Zoom and consist of a ~45 min talk followed by discussions. The topics to be covered in these talks will span a wide spectrum, encompassing areas such as modelling of deformations in subduction zones, homogenization techniques and influences from material properties such as porosity. A variety of modelling approaches like peridynamics, phase-field and virtual element methods will be explored with regards to their applications in simulating fracture.

For detailed information about topics, speakers and dates, see Schedule.

Participation is free of charge, however, registration is mandatory. 


Once your registration is approved, you will be added to the mailing list and should receive a confirmation e-mail for the same. All further details will be communicated via the mailing list.

For further inquiries please write an email to: