2nd RTG Retreat on 5 and 6 May 2022 in Bad Windsheim

The FRASCAL doctoral researchers of the first cohort proudly present their certificates and awards. (Image: A. Dakkouri-Baldauf)
The FRASCAL doctoral researchers of the first cohort proudly present their certificates and awards. (Image: A. Dakkouri-Baldauf)

The second RTG (Research Training Group) retreat of GRK 2423 FRASCAL took place on 5 and 6 May 2022 at the Hotel Arvena Reichsstadt in the small historic town of Bad Windsheim.

Prof. Dr. Steinmann initiated the programme on the first day with a brief welcoming and introductory speech. This was followed by the presentations of the doctoral researchers of the second cohort on their latest research updates and their master thesis. Following the presentations, Prof. Dr. Manuel Friedrich, a FRASCAL principal advisor, introduced his outstanding academic and professional career to the group.

In the afternoon session, a workshop on ‘Research Data Management (RDM)’ was held where Dr. Sebastian Pfaller discussed different data management schemes with the doctoral researchers. In parallel, a workshop was held with the FRASCAL principal advisors to develop strategies for the preparation of the upcoming renewal proposal.

The workshops were followed by a walking tour of the beautiful Franconian Open-Air Museum where the researchers got a chance to bond in smaller groups.

After a sumptuous dinner, the evening event began with the presentation of certificates and awards – the „FRASCAL Glass Award“ – to the doctoral researchers of the first cohort for outstanding achievements in their research fields. Afterwards, the results of the RDM workshop were presented by the sub-groups from the workshop.

Day-2 started with the remaining presentations by the doctoral researchers of the second cohort, followed by a poster session with poster blitz by the doctoral researchers from the first cohort. Everyone had exactly one minute to present her/his poster before the poster session, which was partly done in a very entertaining way. The posters showed a kind of visual outline of their dissertation, true to the motto „Tell the story of your dissertation …“. The poster session catalyzed the dialogues and knowledge exchange between various research groups.

Part-2 of the RDM workshop took place in the afternoon session with a detailed discussion on the structure of the RDM systems. Right before the workshop, the doctoral candidates expressed their gratitude to Dr. Andrea Dakkouri-Baldauf for her exceptional and continuous support to the FRASCAL group. Following the workshop, FRASCAL principal advisors Prof. Dr. Michael Stingl and Prof. Dr. Daniel Koehn enriched the group with their life stories and professional achievements.

Later, the workshop groups presented the results of their brainstorming session during the RDM workshop in an attempt to develop a sustainable and user-friendly data management system. Finally, the retreat ended with the closing session talk by Prof. Dr. Steinmann.

The second RTG retreat at Bad Windsheim was informative as well as refreshing. Interactions between the researchers from varied backgrounds encouraged collaborations and incubated new research ideas.

Bakul Mathur


The programme for the 2nd RTG Retreat of GRK 2423 FRASCAL can be downloaded here.